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Best Stock Candidates in Seven Different Categories 

Best Stock Screens

Mid- to long-term investments (4-weeks to 12-months)

Screening is the most effective method of turning up worthwhile investment candidates. I used my favorite screens to produce lists of candidates worthy of further research in seven different categories. Please keep in mind that the results are research candidates, not buy lists.   

Seven Best Bulletproof Stocks.

No matter whether you're looking for the next tech rocket or beaten-down value plays, just one of your holdings filing for bankruptcy would ruin your day. That's why our "Bulletproof Stocks" list of 300 or so stocks that won't go bankrupt, is so popular. This screen finds the seven stocks on that list that have the most appreciation potential.

Five Best Rocket Stocks.

Rockets are stocks either breaking out to the upside, or in existing, but strengthening uptrends. Also, those strong technicals must be supported by equally strong fundamentals.  This screen identifies the five strongest Rockets based on those measures.

Five Best Growth Stock Candidates. 

Growth stocks with the combination of fundamental and technical characteristics that I have found make the best research candidates. 

Financially Solid High Dividend Yield Stocks.  

High dividend yield stocks are tempting investments, but only if you pick financially strong companies. Here's a list of high dividend stocks with a strong balance sheets

Hot Dividend Stocks. 

Pinpoints high dividend stocks with strong dividend growth prospects and strong recent price action  

Five Best Momentum Stocks. 

This list of hot growth stocks is made up of fast growing companies with high relative strength. It's similar to the list of "A" rated stocks published by momentum newsletters. 

7 Best Contrarian Candidates.

Contrarians, also known as value investors, look for stocks that everyone else hates. Here's a list of out-of-favor stocks that we think are good comeback candidates.  

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