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Learn Fundamental Analysis

Fire Your Stock Analyst
Analyzing Stocks on Your Own 

by Harry Domash

Financial Times Prentice Hall

Book Contents

A refreshing antidote to run-of-the-mill investing 'how tos'.   In "Fire Your Stock Analyst," Harry Domash combines the wisdom of  many of the nations' top money managers with his own earthly-style of stock picking .  The net result is an insightful and useful treatise on investing that works for both growth and value plays. 

- - - Charles Mulford
Invesco Chair and Professor of Accounting, Georgia Institute of Technology
 co-author of
The Financial Numbers Game:  Detecting Creative Accounting Practices

PART 1 Getting Started

Chapter 1                 Analysis Process Overview

Chapter 2                 Evaluating Risk

Chapter 3                 Screening for Investment Candidates

PART 2 Analysis Tools

Chapter 4                 Tool #1: Analyzing Analystsí Data

Chapter 5                 Tool #2: Valuation

Chapter 6                 Tool #3: Establishing Target Prices

Chapter 7                 Tool #4: Industry Analysis

Chapter 8                 Tool #5: Business Plan Analysis

Chapter 9                 Tool #6: Assess Management Quality

Chapter 10               Tool #7: Financial Strength Analysis

Chapter 11               Tool #8: Profitability & Growth Analysis

Chapter 12               Tool #9: Detecting Red Flags

Chapter 13               Tool #10: Ownership Considerations

Chapter 14               Tool #11: Price Charts 

Part 3 The Analysis Process 

Chapter 15               Quick Prequalify: Eliminate Stocks That Donít Fit Your Style

Chapter 16               Value Analysis Process

Chapter 17               Growth Analysis Process

Part 4 More Tools

Chapter 18               Earnings Reports & Conference Calls

Chapter 19               Detecting Scams, Frauds and Pump & Dump


A. How to Read Financial Statements

B. Value & Growth Analysis Scorecards

C. Glossary

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